Iced Green Matcha Tea Mixed with Ice Cube and Milk

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We just moved into the neighborhood, but we’ve been in business since 2020! You've welcomed us like old friends, rejoicing – because each cup is a celebration of flavor and connection.

That's why we vow to always brew up goodness. Our handcrafted drinks will always be slow-brewed, made with fresh, high-quality ingredients, and meticulously blended in small batches, and served with warm smiles. We're besteas now. And this is how we steep for those we love.

Welcome to your new friend-sip.


From morning wake-up calls to afternoon pick-me-ups, catering, and brand events, our tea bar service is that thoughtful refreshing your event needs to improve your guest's experience.

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  • Drink Cart
  • Happy Hour
  • Breakfast with Bestea
  • Afternoons with Bestea
  • Custom Bestea events
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Iced cappuccino

Drink Cart ($450+)

Ice Matcha latte

Afternoons ($250+)

iced pink matcha with milk

Happy Hour ($325+)

Our tea bar,

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Elevate your event with an infusion of joy, connection, and the tastiest teas served on tap.


We believe in sweet friendships and the transformative nature of a shared cup of tea. Let our drinks awaken your heart.


Serving drinks in your workplace can brighten up the atmosphere, enhance productivity, and uplift spirits.

Iced thai milk tea in glass

sweet friend-sips refresh the soul.

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